Blue Petrels Y-Maze is a plastic Y-maze made from standard PVC wire. It was used by Sarah Leclaire et al.(2017), to show that blue petrels recognize the odor of their eggs.

The maze had three symmetrical arms. One arm was used as starting point and was fitted with two trap doors to provide a temporary holding compartment for the test bird. The end of each choice arm was equipped with a separate compartment for the odor source, also accessible via a trap door to the outside.

Eggs were placed onto a small cup made of aluminium foil. A second partition was positioned 20 cm from each end and equipped with a central processing unit cooling fan. Petrels were presented with a binary choice.

Mazeengineers offer the Blue Petrels Y-Maze.

Price & Dimensions

Blue Petrels Y-Maze

$ 1200

+S&HLength of maze arm: 60cm

Width of maze arm: 12cm

Height of maze arm: 11cm

Angle between two arms: 120 deg

Distance between trap doors: 30cm

Position of second partition: 20cm from each end

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