The Bee Compound Y-Mazes was used by Mario Pahl et al.(2007),to investigate how the colour, shape and location of patterns could be memorized within a time frame.

Three compound Y-mazes were used in the experiments. Each was made of four cylinders and covered by a Perspex TM lid. The four cylinders were connected by holes through which the bees could fly from one cylinder to the next. The holes were positioned in the middle of the cylinder wall, halfway up from the base.

Each of the two holes carried a visual stimulus, between which the bees had to choose. One of the two patterns indicated the position of the feeder reward.

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Price & Dimensions

Bee Compound Y-Mazes

$ 1990

  • Height of four cylinders: 25cm
  • Diameter of four cylinders: 25cm
  • Diameter of flight holes: 4cm
  • Position holes in the middle of cylinder wall: 12.5cm from both ends
  • Angle between exit holes: 90°

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