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He acquired an automated T maze from MazeEngineers, a start-up firm in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Much more than a simple labyrinth, the maze has doors that rise from the floor after a rodent passes to stop it going backwards, and integrated video monitoring to document the animal’s behaviour.

Nature MagazineThe mazes with minds of their own

Shuhan He sees mazes everywhere—and found his second job making them. An emergency department resident in Boston, He also is the founder of Maze Engineers, a startup that makes bespoke mazes for research that uses mice and other animals.

Popular ScienceMeet the folks designing the future of mouse mazes

MazeEngineers, a startup in Cambridge, Massachusetts, produces mazes with these automated elements. It’s founder, Shuhan He, a resident physician at Massachusetts General Hospital, realized as a medical student that the available mazes didn’t meet his needs for research on the effects of stroke. Knowing mazes are fundamental to understanding the processes of the mind, he began developing his own.

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Color & material

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