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About MazeEngineers

MazeEngineers is hiring!  Join a rapidly growing start-up founded by an MD Physician at the Harvard affiliated Hospitals. MazeEngineers takes on some of the most fundamental problems of our time.  In the past 100 years, research has fallen behind in understanding how to treat physiological diseases such as strokes, heart attacks, traumatic brain injury, and trauma. Our technology enables for rapid implementation of new science never done before, allowing progression to not only better understand what happens in these conditions, but to find out new therapies that may intervene in critical moments when physiology goes awry.

Work at MazeEngineers is dynamic, and multidisciplinary.You will need to be proficient at neuroscience, medicine, communications, software engineering, and hardware integration.

Other Internships at MazeEngineers

  1. Scientific Intern
  2. Engineering Intern

Duties of the Role: The marketing intern will communicate with the scientific team to explain materials in an easy to understand way to young scientists and the public at large.  You will report to the Marketing Operations managers in day to day responsibilities

Learning We take learning seriously here at MazeEngineers. The internship will require you to :

  • Present at one of our weekly journal clubs
  • Finish all assigned asynchronous learning modules, including audiobooks, podcasts, and webcasted lectures
  • Attend weekly meetings and learning modules.


  • Fall Cohort: September 5(approx)-Dec 1 (approx)
  • Spring Cohort:Jan 15 (approx)-May 15 (approx)
  • Summer Cohort: June 1-August 15
  • note: all dates are flexible and subject to change depending on individual needs and planning


  • You must be enrolled in a a minimum Bachelors degree program.
  • You must be in Cambridge, MA during the entirety of your internship hours, from 9-5 M-F.
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